Photos from the Show

Photos by Nichole DeMent and Greg McCorkle

A view from outside showing the back of Schirmer's translucent piece entitled "Bio".

The shadows of viewers interacting with "Bio".

Left: another view from the back of "Bio"; right: a view from the front.
"Bio" is composed of drawings sandwiched between two layers of drafting film. In order to clearly see some of the drawings, viewers were asked to lightly touch the film to bring images into focus. The drawings were collected from Schirmer's journals recounting experimentation and conditioning/torture sessions from her childhood.

Left: Citcako"s 10 ft. and 7 ft. "Party".

James Citcako"s "Party" in full, copyright 2007.

Schirmer's 24ft. by 9 ft. "Burden, Amputation, I Deliver My Head".

James Cicatko's "Ghost of Christmas Present", oil on paper, 2006.

Schirmer's "predator Prey Embrace", oil on canvas, 2007.